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Volume 4 Issue X

Author: Ahmad Zahir Ferooz Kohi, Zaki Ahmad Faizi
Organisation: MSc Student of Environmental Science Dept., Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, Assistant professor of Horticulture, Agriculture Faculty, Badghis H.E.I., Afghanistan
Email: zaky.faizi1369@gmail.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V04.I10.001

The purpose of study was to assess water quality of Uppal Lake, Hyderabad during 2016. Usually wastewater physiochemical analysis will involve collecting the wastewater in a central, segregated location and subjecting the wastewater to various physiochemical analysis processes. Most often, since large volumes of wastewater are involved, physiochemical analysis are carried out on continuously flowing wastewaters (continuous flow or "open" systems) rather than as "batch" or a series of periodic processes in which physiochemical analysis is carried out on parcels or "batches" of wastewaters. While most wastewater physiochemical analysis processes are continuous flow, certain operations, such as vacuum filtration, involving as it does, storage of sludge, the addition of chemicals, filtration and removal or disposal of the treated sludge, are routinely handled as periodic batch operations. Water quality test by physiochemical analysis, however, can also be organized or categorized by the nature of the physiochemical analysis operation. The objective of study was to study and process the water quality in Uppal lake, the lake water samples were collected from 4 sides randomly, the physico-chemical analyses were done by APHA method, in this research the Primary Sources Were Books and Articles and Secondary Sources Were Lake samples (water) collection – 4samples, Physico-chemical analysis, Results Compared with standards. The finding parameters definitely showed that Uppal lake is highly contaminated. Although there are some parameters which come under the tolerable range of the standards provided yet it is very important to be noticed that these parameters, are for Industrial effluents and Waste water, not for irrigation purpose but Uppal lake water from a long time is being used for Printing, Dying and most importantly for irrigation, which makes this water channel highly polluted. Overall findings indicated that wastewaters of the major industrial areas of Hyderabad city were not found good and should not be used for irrigation without prior treatment. Immediate action could be taken by the people at household level like they should try and find some other water sources for irrigation, filter plats should be installed in personal level etc. as environmental and engineering measures at community level would take a long time to be applied.

Keywords: Hyderabad, Physiochemical Analysis, Waste Water, Uppal Lake.
Author: Yash Mathur, Dr. Pushpendra Singh, Yash Kumar Singh
Organisation: JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, India
Email: mathuryash93@gmail.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V04.I10.002

There is currently a trend towards energy green saving vehicles with electric power. This paper discuss some potential hazards associated with electric vehicles and the protection against electric shock to the person interacting with electric vehicles in light of the advancement of the technology. The safety of users may be challenged by the vehicle's increased operating voltages, at different frequencies, possibly making more complex the protection against direct and indirect contacts.

Keywords: Electrical Safety, Protection, Electric Vehicle, Battery.
Author: Yash Kumar Singh, Dr. Pushpendra Singh, Yash Mathur
Organisation: JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, India
Email: yashkumarsingh2@outlook.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V04.I10.003

This review paper mainly focuses on the corrosion in pipelines and to provide cathodic protection by using RTU, Data Logger and GPS time module of MDPL, HPCL Jaipur. The overall purpose was to make existing system smart and interacting which can help in every manner i.e. safety, efficiency and productivity. Some of its applications are providing suitable alarm system, mobile notification and operation and three level security of existing system. As compared to the already existing system the new smart system turns out more efficient and reliable, economically easy, safe and occupies less space. The use of PLC and SCADA helped to monitor the smooth working of the pipelines and rectify any fault if noticed.

Author: Celso Q. Alcantara, Jr., MAEd
Organisation: DepEd - Schools Division of Zambales, Zambales National High School, Iba, Zambales, Philippines
Email: celsoalcantarajr.29@gmail.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V04.I10.004

The purpose of the study was to assess the safety awareness, practices and injury prevention of athletes in Zambales National High School. Research questions were formulated to guide the study. Research question one aimed to identify the profile of the respondents as to their age, sex and sports event, research question number two was intended to know the injuries experienced by the student-athletes before, during and after sports engagement, research question number three and four was meant to assess the level of safety awareness and practices of athletes before, during and after sports engagement and the level of their safety awareness and practices in terms of first aid, healthy diet and nutrition and the last question focused on the differences between the level of awareness and practices of the athletes in any sports before and during sports engagement. The research study adopted descriptive research design. The samples were composed of 181 respondents, typically male volleyball athletes from the age group of 11-15 years old. The data were collected by the used of questionnaires.
The findings revealed that the athlete-respondents never experienced severe injuries before, during and after sports engagement. It was also revealed that they were aware of safety practices to be performed before, during, and after sports engagement. The data further revealed that they always practice safety and first aid and follows healthy diet and proper nutrition. It was revealed that there is no significant difference on the assessment of athlete-respondents on the level of injuries before, during and after sports engagement. Based on the findings of the study the researcher recommended that the coaches and sports officials must continue conducting lectures and orientation to avoid injury and casualty among athletes while engaging in sports. It was also recommended that the sports officials must have strategic planning about training in first aid and medical team assistance, to conduct seminars and lectures for healthy diet and proper nutrition and to constantly conduct intensive training on first aid among athletes, medical team and sports officials. Taking limitations and delimitations of the study, the researcher suggested conducting a parallel study with in-depth and wider in scope to validate the findings obtained in this study.

Keywords: Safety Awareness, Practices, Injury Prevention, First Aid, Student-athletes, Zambales National High School.
Author: Muhammad Anwar, Dr.Tang Zhiwei
Organisation: PhD Scholar School of Management and Economic, UESTC, China, School of Political Science and Public Administration, UESTC, China
Email: mohammad.anwar76@yahoo.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V04.I10.005

Libraries are always considered as a non-profit organization and they need a proper organization and management. The fundamental concept of library organization needs proper planning, leadership, effective and efficient function of librarians to do all these jobs. Today, the ICTs have changed the policies of library managers from traditional to the electronic way of transmission and organization of information. On the other hand, these jobs need proper skills and knowledge from university librarians where they would be able to handle the external and internal matter of the library. The present study has been taken into a grant to find out the skills and knowledge of academic librarians in the age of electronic. The qualitative research design and survey method will be used to collect the relevant data to complete this study. The literature has been retrieved from Google and Google scholar, wikis and other sources of internet. After the collection of data from different sources, all the relevant literature has been reviewed according to the set of their objectives. The result shows the LIS professionals still lacking some of the major skills, competencies, and knowledge regarding the future concern of library organization. This would suggest that the librarians should be equipped with all the related skills and knowledge to manage their library. This study will give some benefit to the library professionals to train themselves according to their field of specialization.

Keywords: Skills, Knowledge, Competencies, Librarians, LIS, ICTs, Professionals.
Author: Jaya Silas
Organisation: Baikunthi Devi Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Agra (Uttar Pradesh), India
Email: sudhiraec@gmail.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V04.I10.006

Man struggles to maintained self as a whole. Unfortunately, his survival becomes possible but it is incomplete. Somewhere or the other, man has to make compromises if he wants to hold his ground. He holds his ground but on the way sacrifices a lot. His identity becomes jumbled and crisis ridden. He losses his self somewhere in the battle of survival. Ultimately he succumbs to the pressures of society, culture and psychology. His battle for survival leads him to a ground which threatens to make him lose his identity. The individual faces the crisis of identity because his purpose of life and relevance of existence seem to fail. The tensions and traditions engendered with the changing ethos and disturbing demands of love, society and culture contribute to the sense of the loss of identity. The quest for identity brings no fruitful results. On the contrary, it shakes the foundation of a human beings very existence. He is no more the master of his destiny and external and internal forces active snatch away the harmony of his life. He is unable to hold on and hence falls apart.
As a result the strongest problem which comes before us is survival, it is matter of great concern today and man has to put up a continuous and unrelenting struggle in order to keep up with the pace of life. Joshi hits hard at all the directions which lead men away from survival. Thus Joshi’s work becomes a fine study of survival, identity and its crisis.