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Volume 7 Issue I

Author: Rahmatullah Lewal, Obaidullah Akundzadah
Organisation: Department of Judgment and Prosecution, Paktia University, Gardez, Afghanistan, Department of Administration & Diplomacy, Paktia University, Gardez, Afghanistan
Email: hzrtllh@gmail.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V07.I01.001

In this paper, I want to explore the internal challenges of peace building in Afghanistan. The faction groups who are the major shareholders of the current government are considered one side and Taliban are the other side of the problem for peace in Afghanistan. In addition, land-mafia, corruption, weak economy divided society are the other core factors. Here in this paper we discuss the role of faction groups and other factors excluding Taliban.

Keywords: internal, challenges, failed, peace-building, Afghanistan.
Author: Nazneen Siddiqui, Arti Vaish
Organisation: Sushant University Gurugram Haryana, India
Email: nazneensiddiqui.mhs20@sushantuniversity.edu.in
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V07.I01.002

In the report of this, the World Economic Forum (WEF) highlighted that hacking and phishing is the new norm. Even after the virus have been destroyed. All process and tricks are significantly more viable now during the pandemic as most weak individuals are more anxious and anticipating messages, message, calls, and so on identifying with COVID-19 from the special. New report from F-Secure featured that spam is one of the normal ways of spreading malware. It additionally called attention to how assailants are utilizing the pandemic to captivate individuals to click, essentially by concealing the executable in document records such as compress files. It ought to be referenced that malevolent entertainers might utilize existing, veritable materials as lure to urge individuals to play out an unsafe activity. It is necessary that customers check the sender of an email and see for any links held inside it preceding acting. Digital lawbreakers frequently use pantomime strategies acting like the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN) or a famous organization while individuals are WFH, Zoom, to fool clients into clicking on joins or to open reports.

Because of the pandemic, we have seen a complete lockdown in practically all regions of the planet. The shift to the better approach for working where representatives are telecommuting basically utilizing their house frameworks which are gotten by their employees has made them worry inside the location. Inferable from this mass quarantine course of action, new difficulties relating to the versatility of mechanical answers for most environments is indispensable; explicitly, the strength of current innovation inside businesses existing digital foundations.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, COVID-19, Digital lawbreakers, Healthcare workers.
Author: Rupal Pandey, Arti Vaish
Organisation: School of Health Science, Sushant University, Gurugram, Haryana, India
Email: rupalpandey.bhs20@sushantuniversity.edu.in
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V07.I01.003

To find out if people suffer more from emotional or mental or physical ailments after a betrayal. People suffer more from Emotional pain in comparison to the Mental or Physical pain when they face betrayal in life. Post Betrayal Syndrome Quiz [updated version] is used for this online survey. Results clearly prove that people face emotional ailments most {54%} after betrayal, then mental ailments {36%}, and lastly physical ailments {10%}; proving the hypothesis of people suffering emotional vulnerability after they were betrayed by someone they trusted. In emotional ailments the symptoms that people mostly suffered from was sadness that is 68%. Betrayal is something that most of the people have suffered at least once in their life, leaving a deep-seated wound or anxiety consciously as well as unconsciously in our lives. As trust is a part of life, betrayal is also a part of life. Although betrayal causes so much pain in life, it mostly weakens a person from the emotional aspects of their life then it acts upon their mental health and these ailments finally resulting in physical ailments. But mostly betrayal makes people suffer from emotional aspects, so to overcome this situation every individual needs to stay positive in their life to overcome a betrayal whether it’s from family or a partner; so just look forward & move on.  

Keywords: Betrayal Trauma, Betrayal, Emotional Ailments, Mental Ailments, Physical Ailments.
Author: Shreya Thakral, Arti Vaish
Organisation: Sushant University Gurugram Haryana, India
Email: shreyathakral1998@gmail.com
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.30780/IJTRS.V07.I01.004

Cyber security is the practice of defending the computers, servers, electronic devices and data stored in online cloud from mislenious attacks.  It is divided in some part like network security and computer security. Network security is to make the network from the attackers from hacking.

In a health care organization where nowadays all work done by using electronic medical record and storing the information in online cloud, there is the higher risk of getting affected by the unwanted attackers and get the information from third party sources. Electronic medical records are at higher risk of getting affected by different method like pissing method or also can be effected by the malware and ransom ware that can be more dangerous to the system.

To make the proper safety, data encryption is very useful where the thirdparty source cannot access the information and the information gets limited the sender and the receiver. And also there is different ways to give the safeguard the patient information in hospital RMR is browsing the internet by using VPN, and not to open any suspicious site.

Keywords: Cyber security, Electronic Medical records, Cyber smart, Malware, Ransom ware, Cyberattack, Cyber threats.